There are several ways to join, participate in, and benefit from AAUW.

Joining as a branch member includes membership in AAUW-NYS and the Association (National). This is the best way to maximize your involvement at the grassroots level.

If there isn’t a branch near you, join as a National Member (Member-at-Large) of the Association, without a branch affiliation. Individual Members receive Association publications only.

In addition to the "geographically composed" branches there is also a NEW online Empire State Virtual Branch. Feel free to join even if you're a member elsewhere!

Student Affiliates are undergraduates who belong as an affiliate (not a full member). This is a good way to participate in AAUW while paying a reduced rate. Affiliates can attend branch, state, and Association functions, and receive all publications.

Institutions of higher learning partner with AAUW by becoming College/University Members and paying dues on a sliding scale depending on size. Association dues for C/U Representatives are included; the representatives may become branch members by paying state and branch dues.

AAUW members can give free 12-month memberships in the Association to recent college graduates through the Association's Give-a-Grad-a-Gift program. Daughters, nieces, granddaughters, friends, and co-workers will truly appreciate this special and valuable graduation gift.

Anyone who has been a member of AAUW for 50 years is eligible for honorary membership. Honorary Members do not pay Association or NYS dues and many branches waive local dues. An application form can be obtained from the Helpline 800-326-2289 or A form is also available on the FORMS page.