National Resources

Public Policy - act at the national level!

On the national website are a variety of tools for working on Public Policy. Among the most popular is the Two Minute Activist. Using this tool, you choose one of the issues being featured, add some suggested messages, continue with words of your own if you wish, and send the message to YOUR legislators.

See the national website for all the tools - click HERE.

AND especially for the two-minute activist - click HERE.

First, spend one minute reading about the latest policy issue. Then, take one more minute to personalize a message and send it to your member of Congress. You can also use the Two-Minute Activist tool to find detailed information on legislation currently under consideration in Congress, write letters to the editors of your local papers, and even register to vote!

Apply for a national fellowship or grant!

There are four categories of fellowships and several types of grants offered by the national organization. Click HERE for application information for all of them.