Contacting Your Officials

KNOW when the government units are in session!

Find Assembly members addresses at:
Find NYS Senators email options at:

You can also access County Governments in New York State. The towns and villages are listed on the website of each county.

How YOU Can Impact Political Issues

Let your legislator know how you feel about an issue. Your concern is important. They have access to facts. If you want more information, contact the AAUW-NYS Public Policy Vice President. Your thoughts are valuable to legislators, for one AAUW member influences at least ten other people and you VOTE.

You know the more people who contact their legislators about an issue the better. To those of you who want to add your voice, but are unsure how to do it, try one of these:

First, find YOUR elected officials:

Visit the AAUW website to find out how to reach the President and Members of Congress (MC). For your State representatives visit the NYS Senate homepage, the NYS Assembly homepage or the Governor's homepage.

Quick Easy Ways to contact your elected official:

  1. Send a three sentence note to the elected official, in an envelope. Be sure to identify yourself as a NYS Voter and an AAUW member.
  2. Call the office and with a one to three minute message, you have prepared in advance, tell the legislative aide how you feel.
  3. E-mail your NYS legislators at or
  4. Attend a forum and ask a question about the issue of the legislator or candidates.