AAUW Funds


More than 20 Programs and Initiatives receive financial support from the AAUW Fund. Unrestricted contributions given to the AAUW Fund can be used to support existing and newly developed programs as the need arises.

Learn what your donations to the AAUW Fund support by reading this script and viewing this PowerPoint. Branches are encouraged to use these materials in presentations.

This 3 minute AAUW Video called "The Power of Your Gifts" explains the need for the AAUW Fund.

AAUW supports many programs in line with our mission. Some are listed in the chart below. Contributions by branch members are credited to the member's branch. Click HERE to donate to one of these programs online.

Branch treasurers or AAUW Funds chairs may submit multiple contributions by using the branch contribution form. Click HERE to download it.


One AAUW. One Mission. One Fund.


AAUW Funds Explained

Please note that the national address has changed. Gifts should be sent to:
1310 L St. NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005