International Affairs

The AAUW-NYS Director for Cultural and International Affairs (term 2016-2018), plans to take both areas and work on them combined, with the understanding that culture is inherent to foreign relations. We must understand that Culture is the combination of a series of experiences in ones life, and it changes according to the traditions and customs of each group of people.
The United States of America, home of AAUW, is a nation formed by people of so many other nations. Look inside AAUW, for example, check our boards. We are the world within the USA. Each one of us is here due to the education we pursued and our intellect. We created the change in our own lives, and now we reach out to pass it on. To empower the next generations through this organization. We are the world reunited with one goal: advocate for women.

Currently the International Affairs chair requires us to “think global and act local”. So it is crucial to learn about the little nuances and cultural differences among the people (differences that, for a number of cultures, go against the intellectual and social growth of women). By understanding and respecting those differences, we can act more efficiently to educate and empower women to promote change.

Let’s have an open conversation about Education around the World and how can we help.

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