Forms, forms, forms - we never seem to get away from them!

Please note: depending on your computer operating system and browser, you may need to download the PDF (right-click on the document and then "save as") and/or use the "Open in Internet Explorer" option to display the forms so that you can fill out the fields. Unfortunately, there are some incompatibilities in the newer versions of Windows (with "Edge" as the browser) and Adobe forms.

Here are some of the AAUW-NYS forms:

Forms related to the state convention will be posted on the convention page.

AAUW-NYS Nominations form to suggest candidates for AAUW-NYS board and leadership positions.

Grant applications - funds are available from AAUW-NYS for branch and district programs. Send to the AAUW-NYS Administrative Director.

The national website also has forms on their website which are not always easy to find!

  • Order a label file for newsletters, etc.
  • The national MSD (Member Services Database - requires a password) provides an online platform to:
    • Record new branch members.
    • Edit the information for existing members.
    • Submit branch officer information - must be done by June 30 each year by the current branch president. * Instructions available HERE.
    • Send in branch contributions to one of the AAUW Funds. *
    • View the contact information for "counterpart" officers throughout the state
    • Print membership cards for branch members
  • Request paper forms for:
    • Submitting branch officer information *. PDF copy also available HERE.
    • Order brochures, etc.  PDF copy also available HERE.
    • Submit names for 50-year honorary membership. PDF copy also available HERE.

* These submissions may be done either online or on paper forms.