Finance and Dues

How do I draw up a Branch Budget?

  • AAUW NYS has provided a sample Branch Budget for Treasurers to use as a template.

Dates to Remember

Nov. 15 Form 990-N  If an organization normally has annual gross receipts of $50,000 or less, it must file Form 990-N, Electronic Notice (e-postcard).  (See IRS 2012 Instructions for Form 990-EZ)

Dec. 31 Due date for branch contributions to all AAUW Funds for recognition purposes.

TAX Info for members

Remember that both AAUW and AAUW-NYS are 501(c)(3) organizations. As a result, a portion of your annual dues are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

  • ALL $13.00 of the state dues are deductible.
  • $46.00 of the $49.00 national dues are deductible. $3.00 of that national dues payment is not tax deductible because it will be used to support the AAUW Action Fund’s Section
    501(c)(4) activities (Lobby Corps and election-related activities).
  • See the national website for further details and less common situations.

National Dues Notes

  • Membership campaigns are national promotions and discounts that AAUW branches may offer to potential members to help their recruitment efforts.
    • Members who join through Shape the Future events (STF) pay NYS dues. Branches must submit the Guest/Referral Form to the Association along with the Dues Remittance Form for New Members.
    • Give-A-Grad-A-Gift (GGG) recipients receive a free Individual Membership. Recipients may join a branch by paying state and local branch dues. NYS has chosen to waive the state dues for a new GGG member.
    • These campaigns may be combined. Information on these programs and other membership options are available on the national website in the membership section.
  • Transfer Members - A current National Member (formerly called Member-at-Large or MAL) is not new to AAUW, but a “transfer” to branch membership. Contact the national office, or phone 800-326-2289 to check the status of former members and National Members to determine their national dues. A "transfer" member could also be someone who has moved and is joining a branch in her/his new area.

State Dues

  • Branch checks for state dues should be made payable to AAUW-NYS.
  • State dues for new and renewing members may be combined in one check.
  • Promptly remit dues as received throughout the year. Delayed receipt of dues results in missed state and national publications and communications. Dues rates vary by membership code and join date. Consult the tables below:
  • Send state dues, along with a copy of the Branch Dues Report (BDR) or Additional Dues Report (ADR) and other substantiating documentation to the membership liaison: Ms. Phoebe Forbes, 1435 Riverside Rd., Frewsburg, NY 14738
New Member Dues, 2017-2018
 Code Description Join Dates Coverage NYS Dues National Dues/Fees
 N New Starting March 16, 2017 Join Date through
June 30, 2018
$13.00 $49.00
 NS  New Student Affiliate  0.00 $17.00 fee
 GGG  Give a Grad a Gift  Waived Waived
 STF  New Member (or former member with lapse of at least two years)  $13.00  $24.50
 STF-MGM New Member referred by Current Member (see paragraph above)  $13.00  $24.50


Renewal Members Dues
for 2017-2018 Year   
 Code Description NYS Dues National Dues/Fees
REN Branch Member/MOB (or lapsed for less than 2 years) $13.00 $49.00
T Transfer from branch to branch or from Individual Member (MAL) $13.00 (unless already paid) $0.00 if current member. Call national Helpline to verify status
NL Annual renewal, changing to Paid Life $13.00 (unless already paid) $980.00
RLIFE Paid Life Member/MBL $13.00 $0.00
MBHL Honorary (50 yr) Life Member $0.00 $0.00
RS Renewing student affiliate $0.00 $17.00
DUAL Dual (primary branch is in NYS) Pays $13.00 NYS dues in the primary branch Pays national dues in primary branch
DUAL Dual (primary branch is out-of-state) $13.00 Pays national dues in primary branch
REP College/University Representative $13.00 Paid by Institution